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About LiquiShield

Safeguard your investments like never before. Our groundbreaking DEX introduces a new era of secure trading, where liquidity is locked upon addition, shielding you from large amount of rugs. Experience the evolution of DeFi with confidence and unyielding protection.

Unveiling the Dark Side of DeFi

Discover the Three Notorious Rugs

Rug pulls are deceptive practices that harm investors and erode trust in decentralized platforms. Let’s uncover three common types of rug pulls:

Liquidity Removal

Developers abruptly withdraw liquidity from a pool, causing a collapse in value and leaving investors empty-handed.


Developers create enticing projects that allow investors to buy tokens but restrict or prevent their ability to sell.

Contract Non-Renouncement

Devs retain control over key functions, such as hidden minting or excessive fees, allowing them to manipulate the token's value and rug pull at any moment.

Live On Mainnet

Get a first-hand experience of our game-changing DEX on the Mainnet. Investors and developers can now explore the cutting-edge features and robust security measures of our platform. Join us in revolutionizing DeFi and witness the future of secure and transparent trading.

how LiquiShield works

Empowering Secure and Reliable Trading

Experience a new era of DeFi with our revolutionary DEX. We are committed to eliminating the two biggest rug pull risks that have plagued the industry. Through our DEX, we provide a secure and trustworthy trading platform, ensuring your investments are safeguarded from these prevalent risks in the DeFi space.

$LiqS: Empowering the Future of DeFi

The Native Token Driving Innovation and Security

$LiqS is the native token of our revolutionary decentralized exchange (DEX). Designed to fuel the future of DeFi, $LiqS plays a pivotal role in our ecosystem, empowering users with enhanced features, rewards, and security. With $LiqS, investors gain access to exclusive project allocations through our launchpad, enjoy regular buybacks from DEX fees, and unlock a range of exciting future functionalities.

Contract Address – 0x6D4695f7E8d7F9615314A743335702d7eAbA4575

Token $LiqS

Launchpad Access

$LiqS token holders gain exclusive access to our launchpad platform, where they can participate in curated token sale events for vetted projects. This provides early investment opportunities and the potential for significant returns.


Rewarding Users

100% of the DEX fees collected will be redistributed among $LiqS token holders. This redistribution mechanism ensures that every holder benefits directly from the success and activity on our decentralized exchange when it goes live on Mainnet.


Transaction Tax

Every buy and sell transaction incurs a 5% tax. This tax rate will remain constant throughout the project to ensure the long-term stability and growth of LiquiShield. 


Contract Renounced

To enhance transparency and build trust, the $LiqS contract will be renounced after the initial launch. This means that the contract becomes immutable and cannot be altered or manipulated by anyone, providing users with confidence in the security and reliability of the token.


Locked Liquidity

To ensure stability and trust in the LiquiShield ecosystem, the liquidity of the token will be initially locked for a period of 3 months. As the project progresses, the liquidity lock will be extended to further enhance the security and long-term viability of $LiqS token ecosystem.


Future Utility

$LiqS token will be integrated into upcoming services and products within our ecosystem, expanding their utility and unlocking exciting possibilities for token holders. Stay tuned as we unveil innovative features and partnerships that will enhance the value and functionality of $LiqS.


Building the Future of DeFi

Discover our comprehensive roadmap outlining our progress and upcoming milestones as we revolutionize the DeFi space. Join us on this exciting journey towards a trusted and transparent decentralized financial ecosystem.

Phase - I
Website Development and Smart Contract Integrations - We focused on creating an intuitive and user-friendly website for our DEX, while simultaneously integrating smart contracts to ensure seamless functionality.
Phase - II
Deployment on Testnet - We successfully deployed our DEX on the Goerli Testnet, allowing users and developers to explore and test the platform's features in a controlled environment.
Phase - III
Launch of $LiqS Token - Our native token, $LiqS, is introduced with various utilities within our ecosystem. Holders can benefit from launchpad allocations, rewards from DEX fees, and subscription model for future features.
Phase - IV
Mainnet Launch and Full Rugpull Elimination - We aim to transition our DEX from the testnet to the Ethereum mainnet, marking a significant milestone in our journey. With the implementation of robust security measures and continuous improvements, we strive to eliminate all types of rug pulls, providing users with a safe and reliable trading experience. We will also audit the contract code of our DEX with a certified audit provider.
Phase - V
Launchpad for Vetted Projects - Our DEX will feature a launchpad for carefully vetted projects, providing a platform for secure and trustworthy project launches within our ecosystem. Investors can participate in exciting token sales with reduced risks.
Phase - VI (V2)
We are working to release a set of groundbreaking features that will redefine how investors engage with the DeFi space. These revolutionary additions, which we can't disclose just yet, will transform the way you buy and trade tokens, while eliminating the majority of rug pulls and enhancing the security of your investments. Stay tuned for this highly anticipated release as we continue to shape the future of decentralized finance.
*Please note that the roadmap is subject to change based on the evolving needs and priorities of our community and the DeFi ecosystem.
Still have questions?

$LiqS is the native token of our decentralized exchange (DEX), designed to revolutionize the DeFi space by introducing innovative features such as locked liquidity and rug pull prevention mechanisms.

The locked liquidity feature ensures that once liquidity is added or a liquidity pool is created, it becomes impossible for anyone, including the developers, to remove the liquidity. This enhances trust and prevents liquidity removal rugs, providing a secure trading environment for investors.

$LiqS token have multiple utilities within our ecosystem, including access to our launchpad for exclusive token sale events, 100% rewards distribution among the holders and burn mechanism, and participation in future products and services.

Yes, there is a tax applied to every transaction involving $LiqS tokens. Currently, there is a 5% tax on each buy and sell transaction. The tax collected from each transaction is redistributed in various ways. Currently, 8% of the tax is allocated towards marketing efforts to promote the growth and visibility of $LiqS. Additionally, 2% of the tax is directed towards development initiatives to enhance the features and functionalities of our platform.

We are actively working on several exciting features for $LiqS. Firstly, we are developing an advanced anti-bot mechanism that will effectively prevent bots from taking advantage of newly created liquidity pools. Additionally, we are researching and exploring optimal solutions to completely find an end to non-contract renouncement rugpulls. Stay tuned for more updates on these exciting developments!

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Embrace the future of trading, and experience a safer, more secure ecosystem with $LiqS. Together, let’s shape the future of DeFi!